This isn’t Black Magic … not entirely at least

Providing effective SEO campaigns, MyDigi strives to empower our business partner’s online presence.

What is the value of SEO?

SEO, or “search engine optimization”, is the process of getting website traffic from search engines. The major search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo display web pages and other content (images, video, local listings) and are ranked based on what the search engine considers to be relevant (a searcher looking for apples should not receive pages on mangos) and authoritative (“Joe’s daily blog” does not have as much authority as CNN when it comes to world news).

Understanding your customer segments, value proposition, and competitors is only the tip of the iceberg when creating an online presence. Various SEO strategies (keyword research, link building, social media, and more) are needed in order for your website’s online presence grow in a sustainable way. This ensures your website is relevant to your targeted customers and, over time, will become an authority in your field or industry. In essence, SEO adds value back to the business by exposing your business to your intended online customers.

Keyword Research

The focal point and start to any successful SEO campaign. Rich insights and deep-dive analysis means your website is aligned with your intended audience. From short to long-tail keywords, MyDigi will ensure your keyword research is done the right way by targeting interest and intent. Competitor analysis is done to ensure your company has the edge in tailoring products/services to your target base.

On-Site SEO

Optimising your website to attract your intended audience is no easy task. Periodical analysis of metrics and data ensures your online presence gains traction. By utilising various techniques and methods, MyDigi ensures your website gains the relevance and authority among your potential customers. Continuous tweaking and adjustments ensures your website is up-to-date with Google’s every changing search algorithm.

Social Media

Reach out to a vast network of potential followers by creating rich content. Connect your online business with like-minded people by following #social #trends. Social Media presence isn’t about throwing arbitrary #hashtags in every post to gain as many likes. Akin to SEO practises, MyDigi will work with you to hone in on the demographic you want to reach out to with every post.

Why MyDigi?

We believe in 3 words (actually, only 2) – continuous improvement. myDigi believes in careful and continuous monitoring of SEO strategies to ensure your business is receiving value in the long run. Every month, a detailed report with give your business the information it needs to make informed decisions for the future. myDigi will be there alongside you, providing insight, expertise, and a bit of humour along the journey.

MyDigi approaches SEO campaigns by ensuring all aspects of your website’s online presence are considered. From deep-dive technical audits, rich social media posts, to on-going analytics reports, our SEO campaign prioritizes web traffic and conversion rates to ensure your business has value added back.